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SKK, Stockholms Konståkningsklubb (Stockholm Figure Skating club) was founded in 1943. We have today approximately 180 members starting from the youngest in our figure skating school up to our competitors.

The ice skating school is open for all kids that would like to learn figure skating. You can find more information about the school in our swedish pages and if you don't know the swedish language send us an email with your questions.

Once a year we arrange the "SKK Pokalen" competition that is open to everyone. In that competition there is also (beside the individual competition) a team competition where a club can participate with three skaters in three different groups.
Send us an email if you like to have more information about the competition and don't understand the information in our swedish pages.

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Stockholms KK - Konståkning
Ordf. Mona Lanneskog, Ängbyhöjden 20
16850 Bromma

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